Dealing with Multiple Offers as a Buyer

The real estate business works on a system not unlike an auction. What that means is that multiple people can make offers on the same property. Regardless if you are a new home buyer or are an investor purchasing multiple properties a year, you will eventually run into a multiple offer scenario. There are many [...]

How to Define Criteria for Your First Home


So you want to buy your first house. You have found out that renting may actually be more expensive than the mortgage on a house. Great! Now it’s time to get out and start looking, but how do you know what to look at? Most people have some idea of what they want to buy, [...]

20 Common Real Estate Terms

Common Real Estate Terms Photo

The language of real estate and contracts can be intimidating at the beginning, and to be honest, us real estate agents sometimes forget that most people don’t speak the language like we do. Here I have outlined twenty terms that you may run into in your home-buying process. Real Estate: Land and improvements (buildings and [...]